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Welcome to the Tonsilabo Website !

Tonsilabos are a way to type music using ordinary text characters instead of traditional music notes. Tone ("Toonay") is a computer program which plays such typed music. Tone is a text editor primarily using Esperanto.



The unique Elfriden festival is due in the week following summer solstice!

The latest version of Tone is v2006.2 witch has been published on January 29, 2006. The development is resting for a while until something makes it necessary to continue.

Some news about this version: Negative ripetos will work. "Negative ripetos" means that a minus sign tells that a piece should not be played at the specific ripeto. The text editor has been enhanced with an X-skribo tool which is quite convenient for righting Esperanto. The source code has been adjusted for the compiler Mingw/GCC version 3.4.2



To get in touch with the inventor of tonsilabos, if you want to explore the jungles of music, please use the contact formula. N.B. Not the webmaster himself (who developed the program Tone).

Demo philm:

This movie shows tonsilabo use by program Tone in its simplest form. Just click the blue button below to play it. Don't forget to switch on the sound.